Who We Are :

A Fragrance Brand that was popularized in the 1990s that expanded rapidly with retail stores on Rodeo Drive and internationally in London, UK.

Now Open at the World-Famous Historical Beverly Hilton Hotel (home of the Golden Globes) and The Internationally Recognized Palazzo Las Vegas.

We continue to thrive and expand due to the loyalty and appreciation of our VIP customers of the Bernini Brand.

The legend that is Bernini Beverly Hills began in 1977 with the opening of the first Rodeo Drive boutique. Bernini curated a collection of the world’s finest clothing for men from internationally known designers like Canali, Brioni, Gianni Versace, and Hugo Boss. Patronized by a star-studded clientele, Bernini rose to fame as a fashion icon, synonymous with the highest level of sophistication and style. A single location grew into a worldwide retail empire, including four stores on Rodeo Drive.



The Bernini Beverly Hills brand became bigger than life and was known the world over. But what the world never knew was that this mega-company was family-owned and is a legacy that has been passed down through four generations.

The Evolution of a Fragrance Phenomenon

At the pinnacle of the 1980s, Bernini entered the world of fine fragrance. Nearly two years of research and development lead to the launch of the original Bernini Beverly Hills Cologne for Men, followed soon thereafter by Bernini Platinum, Bernini Beverly Hills Perfume for Women, and an entire collection of luxury scents that have since become classics.



Discounted Bernini Collection: Timeless Fragrances for Men & Women


Oud Bernini Collection: Unforgettable Fragrances Created in Italy


Now, Bernini has created a new collection of eau de parfume fragrances that cross all gender and age boundaries, allowing everyone to express emotions through scent. Each fragrance is designed to elicit a rainbow of emotional responses to mark life’s memorable moments with a signature aroma.

A Timeless Icon

The fashion house of Bernini has become an icon of luxury. Bernini has always believed luxury comes with the responsibility to provide the highest level of service and attributes much of its success to customer loyalty. Bernini Beverly Hills clientele are a part of the illustrious legacy that continues to live on.